Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tool - Lateralus

1)The Grudge 8:36
2)Eon Blue Apocalypse 1:04
3)The Patient 7:13
4)Mantra 1:12
5)Schism 6:47
6)Parabol 3:04
7)Parabola 6:03
8)Ticks & Leeches 8:10
9)Lateralus 9:24
10)Disposition 4:46
11)Reflection 11:07
12)Triad 8:46
13)Faaip de Oiad 2:39

Listen to this album, you must! i have been listening to this album over and over for about a good month. Nothing beats this perfection. The meanings are so deep listen to Reflection once and you'll be hooked to Tool.

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